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A Bit About Standup2

Sitting through endless Zoom meetings we were watching the world fall apart around us, and wanted to do something - anything - to help someone. 

We spoke with some friends in the Standup Comedy business, and a friend at the Food Banks, and a friend who asked for ideas for a Zoom Happy Hour... and that is how we came up with StandUp2. 

Enacting Social Good, with Humor, over Video Conferencing.

Maybe not the best idea anyone has every come up with, but it's an idea that does good.

And that's good enough. 

Thanks for reading this far, now go book a comic!


Causes we Support

Its important to believe in what you do, and what you do it for. Please pick a Cause you care about, and Book a Comic

Food Banks

StandUp2 Corona


StandUp2 Injustice

Breast Cancer

StandUp2 BreastCancer


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